The news appears to indicate that active athletes are least susceptible to COVID-19. Drawing humanity’s attention to prehab, for instance, using daily TV and other media, would prevent many deaths. US CDC’s opinion, “Physically Inactive People are More Likely to Get Very Sick” and WHO’s, “Exercise can decrease your susceptibility to COVID-19” should be combined into a maxim on prehab with another on hydration (vide Padma Shri late Dr. K.K. Aggarwal on YT) as these facts are little known. If you are a doctor from a national-level medical body, you may apply this knowledge to very obvious and bold effect. Vulnerability due to malnutrition may also be listed alongside IPC, with prehab and hydration. WHO’s Taskforce on NCDs infrequently advertises, “Stay healthy to beat COVID-19” recommending a healthy diet, physical activity, alcohol avoidance and quitting tobacco.

Ansuman Datta had advised the World Health Organization to launch a physical activity campaign sharing version 2020-10-23T22:24:00Z of this book with Dr. Vismita Gupta-Smith who referred it to their experts before WHO launched Every Move Counts. The International Olympic Committee and Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America relayed forward Every Move Counts. Dr. Michelle Bachelet Jeria, MD and UNHCHR endorsed Datta for COVID-19. Jeria is also former health minister and former president of Chile.

A forensic scientist, by May 2020, Datta had noticed that while many who died of COVID-19 had suffered lung blood clots, most had mild or no symptoms. He attempted a wager in favor of physical exercise that Novak Djokovic’s episode of the disease might be asymptomatic, which proved true. This COVID-19 Survival Surprise offers an incredible compilation in very few words, to suit the pandemic. It mentions important survival secrets and facts like those about pulse oxes, happy hypoxia, post-COVID, hydration, ARDS, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, sedentariness, BMI & viral load, deep breathing, interleukins, inflammation, overtraining, maximal aerobic capacity, cardiac vulnerability, lung impairment, immunity, benefits of exercise to body & mind, allergies & panels, exercise as addiction, euphoria, appearance, air pollution, fomites, vaccination, fevers, economic benefits of physical activity, COVID-19 vulnerabilities, flu, temperature & COVID-19, routine exams, retesting, vocal music, incentive spirometers and recession. A very brief and stimulating diction is meant to help even persons with attention deficit finish it quickly.

The book links to vids on working out, BMI & VO2 Max calculators, ACSM Sports Medicine Basics & strength training documents for age groups and the disabled, a running calorie calculator, Lydia electronic health record app etc.

Need for emphases on women and fitness of the feminist work have been accentuated by the large number of women and girls in developing countries who are financially dependent and have limited access to info.

There has been a dearth of parleys on the relationships between exercise, health, happiness and livelihood. Humans, it seems, might as well become a species of athletes to survive emerging zoonotic diseases like COVID-19 best. Monkeypox outbreaks as also those of other diseases are better managed with prehab.

As part of Every Move Counts, WHO posted on 2020-11-26, “Up to 5 million deaths a year could be averted if the global population was more active. At a time when many people are home-bound due to COVID-19, new WHO Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behavior, emphasize that everyone, of all ages and abilities, can be physically active and that every type of movement counts.”

Syndication requests from newspapers and periodicals are welcome. Reviews can digitally induce more people to work out. Please share the title with the world.


TV channels etc. may use the SLOGAN, “Network the moves!!” 



WRITER and detective among other things, Ansuman Datta had advised the World Health Organization’s Every Move Counts physical activity campaign to Dr. Vismita Gupta-Smith although he didn’t name it, following which he was endorsed for COVID-19 by Dr. Michelle Bachelet Jeria, MD and UNHCHR. The International Olympic Committee and Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America had relayed forward Every Move Counts. US CDC asserted much later on COVID-19, “Physically Inactive People are More Likely to Get Very Sick” ( retrieved 2022-06-30). Every Move Counts claimed, “Up to 5 million deaths a year could be averted if the global population was more active”.

He advised WHO on YouTube to not recommend pausing COVID-19 boosters in the interest of the immunocompromised and the elderly, and advised the Government of India to invest more in vaccines citing a WP article titled, “Wealthy nations rush boosters to counter omicron as poorer nations await first doses” and to double the highest vaccination rate which effect had happened for a day on the premier’s birthday. He computed a greater risk from COVID-19 to kids up to a year old among children, later on declared by US CDC (infants … might be at increased risk

A criminologist and forensic scientist by training and a qualified software engineer as well as indie publisher, accountant and adman, he was advised by Dr. Shoma A. Chatterji, very famous critic and member of film jury to watch out for the Sahitya Akademi Translation Prize, post-entry deadline, after reading his Select Translations of Rabindranath Tagore: Volume I whose diction Datta would like evaluated for antidepressant effect. It may be possible for him to someday complete the procedures to enter the award, out of turn. Those translations are also available as 6 separate e-books on popular platforms. Letters from an Expatriate in Europe although a bit rough with fun being written in teenage, has also been translated by him and is a great work. Rabindranath Tagore was the first non-white and non-European lit Nobel laureate and author of the national anthems of India and Bangladesh and a major early influence on Datta’s thinking. Datta is also the Bengali translator of the Smashwords Style Guide which he had named Smashwords Rachanashaili Nirdeshika for Mark Coker. His Goodreads profile manually lists his most important works. Please prefer the web app.

Datta’s paternal grandfather, late Kripanath Datta had been awarded a Tamra Patra or copper plaque by premier and Nehru’s daughter Indira Gandhi for his role in India’s freedom struggle. Circumstances made Ansuman like thousands of others a potential premier and potential UNSG at the time of his birth. As a detective interested in mind control he quietly watched Dr. José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado’s Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society disappear from the Kindle store though The Library of Congress (LC), USA has a copy of it.

Born to Win written by Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward read in teenage changed his life and as a young child he had regarded Michael Knight played by David Hasselhoff as his disciple. “Directly” has been his method of overcoming writer’s block. Deeds of the Nameless Knight had initiated him to reading fiction and his sub-editors had convinced him of the importance of being precise and brief when he had become a cub reporter.

An almost Gandhian atheist friendly with theists and a feminist interested in early childhood development he has attempted to relate mental independence to money and control over it. He is uninfluenced by alcohol, and a lover of the road and the sea. He did much to draw attention to hydration during the COVID-19 pandemic and watched how dehydrated people suffered from greater AEFI and aggravated disease as well as hyperthermia during heat waves. He inserted sharable URLs to vids on hydration in his book ads on social media and also links to a fundraiser for a cancer victim to potentially reach everywhere.

Other than translating Tagore, he had also reillustrated burnt bestseller, Revelations of a Spirit Medium: Spiritualistic Mysteries Exposed and published Harry Houdini’s Handcuff Secrets, the latter’s A Magician Among the Spirits being one of his favorite books.

He also designed and partly edited Mastering Real Estate Valuation which broke several records and Advanced Valuation for Secured Lending by Banks and Financial Institutions.

As a teenager he let everyone bowl and keep wickets whenever he was chosen team captain for a casual game of cricket. Qualifying as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer at 23 he later moved on to Linux from fear of malware and created a database-driven website on geoconfusables named AucklandWhich!℠ after an episode of Full House featuring Stephanie and Michelle Tanner who had misflown to Auckland wanting to ride the clouds to nearby Oakland and developed a tester for Dansguardian parental control. He abandoned a compatible free keyboard layout development when a professional associated with a government project claimed copyright protection against helpful copying of their mapping.

As a youngster, Datta once carried a railroad victim to hospital despite a childhood suggestion that death of the victim may get him convicted. Post a written submission to police as he had not signed an old-fashioned medical form suggesting that family would be responsible in case of death, Havildar had attempted to smilingly assure him that the victim would die to which he retorted, “No, he’s been breathing heavily”. He had better than Advocate Knight’s confidence. About twice that age, he was falsely fined the equivalent of a few dollars for “nuisance” (read micturition) on saving his pupil’s mom’s life by pulling open a punitive metro door rapidly twice in succession while carrying from shoulder straps 13.5 kg of printed book bags on a crowded platform. During a COVID-19 lockdown district police apparently called a dowry torture victim within seconds of his request after local police seemed to ignore her proxy complaint by dad. He had also sent her a complete index of state police by SMS & WhatsApp.

Datta believes in the friendship of nations, specially neighbors and that kindness is imperative for realization. Having no memory of his mom, he is grateful to an aunt, late Rekha Datta, for teaching him kindness.


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